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Maternity insurance in the canton of Geneva

This insurance is only applicable to persons working in the canton of Geneva.  It is a cantonal maternity insurance scheme which supplements the federal system (APG).  In the event of maternity or adoption, this allowance is granted provided you have paid contributions for at least three months before the child’s arrival.

The contribution rate for companies is 0.092% of the salaries subject to AVS contributions (0.046% is paid by employers and 0.046% by employees).  For self-employed persons, there is a 0.046% flat contribution rate levied on relevant income (income subject to AVS).  

This allowance is paid for a maximum of 112 days (16 weeks) after delivery or after the child has been placed for adoption, provided that the person does not resume gainful employment before termination of the entitlement.

To benefit from this allowance you must put in a claim by completing the form below and handing it in to your employer if you are employed, or to your principal employer if you are gainfully employed in different jobs, to your last employer if you are unemployed, or to our Compensation Fund Office if you are self-employed.